• <if block b had their own season of hello baby>
  • zico: the type of dad who acts like he knows what he's doing but in reality has a mental breakdown when the baby poops because he doesn't know how to change a diaper.
  • b-bomb: the type of dad who stands around wide-eyed, confused and panicked when the baby cries, while the other dads try to comfort the baby.
  • kyung: the type of dad who always does aegyo to the baby. he always makes the baby giggle with his liveliness, but sometimes he acts stupid and the baby ends up crying instead and he will go all big-eyed saying things like "what did i do wrong???"
  • p.o: the type of dad who is inexperienced but is serious and puts in 110% effort. he would buy the baby a lot of toys and play together with the baby as if he were a sibling rather than a father.
  • u-kwon: the type of dad who enjoys cradling the baby in his arms. when the baby learns how to talk or walk he would show how proud he is through his big smile.
  • taeil: the type of dad who sings the baby sweet lullabies to help it fall asleep. he would coo a lot and giggle at the baby when he/she does cute things.
  • jaehyo: the type of dad who is very caring and affectionate, always stroking the baby's head to show his love. he would also be the most knowledgeable on how to take care of the baby.